Boston Calling Preview: Top 3 Bands To See

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First off, to say I’m stoked to be covering Boston Calling, would be an understatement. One of the most openly accepted large events Boston has seen in recent years kicks off it’s second festival of the calendar year, in downtown Beantown on Saturday afternoon.

From logistical improvements and lineup previews, WLBT has you covered.

If you show up for three things all weekend and nothing else, which I’m not sure is possible or logical, but that’s besides the point, these are the 3 bands to see at Boston Calling this weekend.

Let’s get into it.

1. Deer Tick:

Song of the summer, hands down. Sorry Daft/Thicke (Marvin Gaye).

If you’ve never seen and/or heard one of this generations greatest song writer, first, what the hell is wrong with you? Second, now is your chance. McCauley and crew should bring a Bloody Mary and a whole new arsenal of ragers to the table Saturday afternoon. With their up coming release coming out on 9.24.13, this will be a little different than the usual rowdy rock shows in a sweaty club. It sounds like the guys have settled into a more mature sound, after relentless partying and touring the past few years. As fun as it was to see them let all their inhibitions go, I think I’ll be glad to see them ease off the gas of an unsustainable road life and plan for more great music going forward. With that said, if you don’t think I’m grabbing a beer and hoping they smash something, you sir, are sadly mistaken.

2. Vampire Weekend

After crushing a show at BU in May, Vampy Weeks is back to headline Saturday night. Continuing the maturity theme, I’m very excited to hear some of the new record, as the dark themes give them some character to fill out those boat shoes. Although you can never go wrong with Contra, it feels like these dudes have ditched their skinny jeans and are ready turn into that full blown, headlining act. Boston Calling is your stage gentlemen. Rejoice.

3. Local Natives

I have yet to see these guys live, but I don’t care, Hummingbird and Gorilla Manor are such strong albums, that even if Menino decides to go green and cut power during their set, I volunteer to park my car, with windows down, IN City Hall Plaza, and blast both until my battery dies.

Bonus: You Won’t

I freaking love this song, and if this is the type of talent Boston is going to keep producing, I can definitely see this festival turning Boston into an even more hip city.

There you have it, my 3 top bands (+Boston act) to see at Boston Calling this weekend. This is not to say Kendrick Lamar or Bearstonaut or Flume won’t be great, these are just one humble man’s feelings on who will crush.

So stay hydrated everyone, Tweet me YOUR favorite acts and Follow me on Instragram for live updates on Saturday. See you out there!