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These fancy charts and graphs over here don’t mean too much to most folks, but I do believe what they are discussing is the joy that balance of night and day can bring due to the Autumnal Equinox. Of course, Boston is set in the mid-range latitude of 42.3, but the winding streets and variations of said latitude mean we never get a Bostonhenge experience quite like our Manhattanhenge-loving friends down south.

Except for one key area, at least to me: Pikehenge. As the days get shorter and the Sun crosses back towards its lower path, for the next few days the specific stretch of the Mass Pike that runs through Back Bay is almost perfectly aligned come the rush hour morning commute. That stretch of the Pike – coming out of the Copley underpass and up through Kenmore into BU – runs on the 42.347888 line.

The days get shorter, but enjoy the marvel of Pike Henge from the Mass Ave bridge at Hynes. When it comes back in March, we’ll know that spring is on its way.