How 13 miles and 6 Burritos Raised $4,500

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2013-09-21 10.09.57

There aren’t a ton of epic food challenges in Boston. Sure, there’s the Man v. Burger from Eagle’s, and a deep fried number that isn’t as much about eating quantity as it is about how you’ll feel after. That doesn’t mean there’s a lack of creativity, though, to find some other cool, very Boston food stories.

Like visiting all six Anna’s Taqueria’s on foot over the course of one day – and raising some money for a good cause along the way. Enter the 7th Annual Anna’s Walqueria, and you have a sense of the awesome way to spend a fall Saturday.

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Ranging from Brookline to Davis Square, with stops at MGH, MIT and Porter along the way, the Anna’s Taqueria Six Pack loop is approximately 13.1 miles. This half marathon doesn’t encourage running, though – in fact, even though me and a buddy ended up running to Brookline to start the day and then the first two legs, once we had a quesadilla in us, our running dreams were over.

The event started organically, but has since grown to incorporate a great charity (Home for Little Wanderers) and an amazing commitment from the Anna’s team. Walkers, now numbering in the hundreds (there were 150 this year but several more have participated in years past) are treated to Anna’s treats at every stop. The Taqueria kicks in $5 for every stop made by every individual. Cross all six, Anna’s is sending $30 to the Home, you’ve eaten well and made a great tour of the city. This year, the team was able to raise more than $4,500 for the charity.

 Nicole Chan, Dan Rosmarin, Mike Kamio (Photo provided by marlo marketing/communications)

Nicole Chan, Dan Rosmarin, Mike Kamio (Photo provided by Marlo Communications)

If you like burritos, Boston neighborhoods, tours of yard signs ahead of elections and good causes? Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for next year’s Walqueria. We’ll be back, no running involved.