South End Becomes New York City

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NY Cab in Boston


Resident Parking in the South End isn’t being extended, just taken over by yet another film crew. For the second time in three weeks, Columbus Ave will become some magical part of Hollywood, this time for a new HBO miniseries, “Olive Kitteridge”. HBO has been filming in and around Boston for the show over the last month, including on the North Shore for some good towny shots.

Good on HBO for offering to help displaced locals park in the area, but I will say, it’s still slightly disconcerting to see the street fill up with New York City cabs. While I’m sure there are no shortage of streets in the Village that would serve the purpose that Columbus Ave is being asked to replace, I guess this has to do with the much nicer tax break (Massachusetts benefits trigger if 50 % is filmed in state, wheras NY requires 75%).