BostonBound: Leagues and Andrew Belle

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Brighton Music Hall is hosting a serious show on Monday night.

Leagues and Andrew Belle will grace the Hall at 8:00 p.m. on Veterans Day, a show that has received far less hype than deserved. This $15 ticket is by far one of the best that the former Harper’s Ferry has offered in recent months. I strongly recommend attendance.

Leagues brings alt-pop to a new level, combining catchy melodies with earworm guitar hooks. Their debut album, You Belong Here, is an essential purchase for all Indie fans. The band does not disappoint live, either. I saw them open for Mat Kearney at the House of Blues two years ago, and I rate the show in the top 10 that I’ve seen.

Belle is no slouch, either. His track “In My Veins” is the type of song that you wake up humming. Haunting melodies, catchy lyrics, and nice harmonies.

Below are singles from both artists. Enjoy and attend on Monday night.

Photo from the Leagues website at