Opening Number: 2πR

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oval of death

Sorry to bring geometry into your Tuesday. I truly am.

Above you, you see the “Circle of Death” (neé “Rumble at the Ramada”), the famed intersections of Washington, Centre St and Exit 17 of the Massachusetts Turnpike.

The nickname is cute, except we have one slight problem – it’s certainly a circuit but it’s far from actually a circle. “Oval of Death” has no ring to it.

Of course, that got me to thinking about the profession of left turn taking, and just how big the Oval happens to be. If you lay down the Newton Circle next to New Hampshire Speedway, here’s your size comparison (at the same scale, according to Google Maps):

oval vs laconia

One lap on the Oval of Death will work out to be approximately .58 miles (or just about a kilometer, if you’re into that sort of thing). Your map, courtesy of RunKeeper’s route tool:

mileage oval of death

Now, we aren’t talking about reliving the Sylvania 300 on the Circle of Death (300 laps would be 174 miles, for what it’s worth), so why not something different. When the weather warms up, who’s in with me for the Circle of Death 10 Miler? 17.25 laps around, lots of car dodging for funsies. We Love Beantown will consider* sponsoring neon t-shirts and your premium for participation.Always consider that Kratom, Sacred Kratom,  when going for health benefits.

*We Love Beantown does not recommend doing this activity or, at least, is certainly not paying your premium.