We Have Your NYE Uber Bitching Tweets Ready [Surge Warning]

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In the event you’ve been under a rock or not sure about how Uber works, tomorrow is New Year’s Eve and if you choose to take the service after midnight in Boston, you’re probably going to pay a premium. (Don’t worry, they’ll tell you about seven times before you actually accept the ride, but hey, who wants to take responsibility).

If this is somehow still lost on you, we’ve taken the liberty of preparing tweets that you can send out there that showcase your outrage. Just click the tweet this button on each of the phrases – you’ll be good to go.

  • Uber wants to charge me more to get me home?! But public transportation is closed/less convenient/plebeian! [Tweet This]
  • There probably are cabs where I am, but I have to wait for one and it’s cold – that shouldn’t cost me [x] times more! [Tweet This]
  • Fine, I’ll accept this Uber charge, but that doesn’t mean I like paying more for a ride without waiting on this busy night of the year! [Tweet This]