adidas Strikes Right Tone with 2014 Marathon Gear

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2014 marathon gear

Last night, a sports marketing reporter who likes to tell people they are tweeting wrong was critical of the branded Boston Marathon gear that will no doubt be absolutely everywhere this spring. His comment, that “adidas had the chance to do something powerful” and then the punchline, “Don’t think they did” actually got under my skin a little bit.

I know, it’s the internet and the guy is a known troll who could care less what a small timer like me thinks. In my opinion – you know, as a Bostonian, as a runner – I’m actually quite pleased with the restraint on adidas’ part here, and in fact, the lack of anything different from previous years (where there is a continued rotation of colors with just a simple adjustment to the logo to reflect which number-100th running of the race) is a better tribute that our race, our city, will soldier on unshaken as if nothing has changed.

In fact, had it gone the other way – a big tribute or change with significant marketing speak and code words – I bet that I would have agreed the Paul Lukases and other UniWatchers of the world would have been immediately on the outfitter for exploiting the tragedy of last year.

There will be more than enough tributes this year, and I haven’t had this many feelings about a Boston Marathon since, well, ever. We don’t need a shoe company to join in.