How to Fundraise for the Boston Marathon

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Congratulations, you’ve been selected to run the 2014 Boston Marathon for a charity partner. It’s such an honor, especially given the importance of this year’s marathon. But how do you raise thousands of dollars? Sure, you can ask friends and family, but there is a limit. Don’t worry, Eventbrite has your back.

This Wednesday 1/15 and Thursday 1/16 Eventbrite Boston’s marketing guru Sara Steele-Rogers is hosting “Boston Marathon Fundraising, Beers, and Burritos with SEAC + Eventbrite.” You’ll dine on burritos, drink some beers, learn how you can leverage Eventbrite to host fundraising events, and get a toolkit full of tips and best practices for raising money for your charity.

Sara ran the Boston marathon a few years back, so she knows what it takes to train for the marathon, as well as raise a ton of money for a worthy charity. Need to raise $4,000 or more, she’s your girl.

Looking to host an event at a local bar? Check out 2014 Boston Marathon Fundraiser Event Guide for a full list of local bars that allow for fundraising events.