Nika: The Victory Storm

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The impending winter storm due to hit Wednesday morning’s commute is named “Nika.” It is a Greek word for “victory” or “conquer.” Let’s hope it does neither to the stout citizens of the Commonwealth.

It also brings to mind the Nika Revolt, the insanely serious riot between Constantinople’s racing fans in 532. Yes, there were chariot hooligans in the late Roman empire, and they were so powerful they rioted when the Emperor Justinian did not appease pardons for faction members and other political favors.

The Nika Revolt was one of the worst riots in all of history. While you are snowed in persevere against the elements, get your learnin’ on by going right to Procopius, or, for those less interested in sixth century historians, just watch the damn History Channel special.

Paul Freedman’s Yale course on the history of the Middle Ages is also great.