Soviet Map of Boston Gives Us the Warm & Fuzzies for Sochi

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Get in the Olympic spirit with this 1965 map of New England, courtesy of the USSR. We ran it by WLBT’s Slavic Correspondent friend that speaks Russian and there isn’t much nefarious to report: no spies, no cipher. For once, context is slight: we haven’t come across its origins and the Reddit thread from which it sprung makes fun of Cyrillic transliteration of “Worcester” and other towns, but has no link to the origins. Regardless, it does seem silly to map so much ocean when a sailor would likely use much more detailed navigation charts. Noticeably prominent are the airports large and small. There is a little corner of Nova Scotia on the extreme top right of the map, literally translated as “New Scotland” in Russian.

Ht to Reddit u/0utlander