Why Stop At South End Space Savers (Which Don’t Exist); Let’s Ban Valet Spots

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Quickly, because it’s already out there.

First, Southie and South End are different. We really *don’t* have that many space savers (at least on the main drags and in most of the side streets). They are anomaly, not the norm.

Second, I think it’s hysterical that we do have this debate about whether or not space savers involve some sort of “legal” category. It’s fungible and law of the street at best, anyway, in Southie.

Third, the real crime of street parking in the South End in the winter is that side streets aren’t fully cleared by folks, so we lose spots, but we must always compete with valet spots throughout the neighborhood. There are even some restaurants and storefronts that are granted premium access for valet or commercial needs that aren’t even using them.

Let’s evaluate that , neighbors. Most of you have on-site parking anyway.