Pub Crawling in the North End…With Food

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With the colder weather many people choose to stay hunkered down until the thermometer cracks, you know, at least 40. But what those hibernators don’t know is you can still have a good time sans sun.

Take for instance the North End. Usually bustling with tourists and double parkers and full restaurants, but now? It’s a lot more quiet and if you find the right deal, a lot more reasonable…
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Which brings me to Tuesday evening, I was able to take full advantage of this through a Dishcrawl. Think a pub crawl, but with food, stopping at four amazing spots along the way: Tresca, L’Osteria, Gennaro’s and Bova’s Bakery.

We recorded the experience on this great app Favecast 😉 (shameless plug)

Check out the full recap here.