It’s going to snow again…other things you can do with kids in Boston

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I’m going to venture a guess that if you have been willing to make a trek into Boston, or out of your neighborhood this winter, with the under 5 set you’ve already been to the Children’s Museum more times than you care to admit and the thought of staying indoors and catching up on your Elmo’s Potty Time video viewing may cause some afternoon drinking. There are however a lot of really cool indoor things to do in the City of Boston that are just different enough to keep you sane and fun enough for your tike not to miss that train table.

MFA Playdates First and Third Mondays 10:15-11:15am: Children 4 and Younger can enjoy stories, activities in the galleries and even try their hand in some art.

Afternoon Tea with your little princess or prince: Many of Boston’s finest hotels offer a Kid’s Tea, most notably the Taj ( for reservations), I’d recommend children be 3 or older for this one (there is china involved).

Jump On In and burn off that extra winter energy at an indoor play space full of inflatable slides and jumping equipment.