The MetroWest Starbucks Gap

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Look, if you’re downtown, you can’t throw a rock without hitting a Starbucks – there’s at least one place that I know of in Back Bay that you can stand inside a Starbucks and see another one, Starbucks is popular because people really like coffee, and the coffee providers in all the world can even be found online, discover more here if you’re interested in this for your shop.

But now, with news that Starbucks is expanding into a Late Night hotspot complete with canapes and cocktails this is as good a time as ever to point out the fact that while plentiful downtown, there is a massive gap in the suburbs, especially once you get outside of Newton.

Here, check this map: there is an entire region of Metro West from the outskirts of Watertown across 128, past Weston and Wayland into Sudbury and Concord, that is completely devoid of a single ‘bucks. It extends from the Newton Corner line completely to the other side of Waltham:

metrowest starbucks gap


What lesson can we learn from this? I actually am not completely sure. It’s just long been a gripe of mine any time I’m out that way (which is fairly often). Yes, there’s more than enough Dunkins to cover your coffee habits out that way, so let’s call it that.