Buttercup’s Baby and the 2014 Boston Red Sox

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The 2013 Boston Red Sox were less Lloyd Dobbler than thought, and this time, turned out to be a story straight out of Miracle Max’s swampy hut. The 2013 Sox really buried themselves and it did feel like the Sox were totally dead, but, unbeknownst to us, we were only mostly dead. The kingdom was ours.

…but how do you follow that up?

We turn to literature, William Goldman’s “abridged” version of “S. Morgenstern’s” Princess Bride. The quotation marks are for a different post all together, but just know that the story we all know from the movie (and for the purposes of this post, I’m going to assume you know the movie because it’s exceptional) goes into even greater depth of each of the characters. Notably for our effort today, I want to talk about the Red Sox and the tale and legend behind what comes after the successful storming of the castle by Wesley, Fezzik and Inigo.

Following the final pages of the re-released versions of Goldman’s book, the reader is treated to what is purported to be the “lost” continuation of the story, a tale called Buttercup’s Baby and that seems to take our hero, his new wife, their new child and two clever handlers on another adventure. The quest seems just as daunting, with a baby being thrown over a cliff and another mad man, but Goldman has admitted* over years that he never got around to the inspiration to get it done.

*There’s a great note about Stephen King – noted Red Sox enthusiast – authoring the sequel, which prompts King to include a retort on his FAQ page.

When we look back at 2013, we will always remember the victory and the long, long slog toward wondering when the other foot would drop. It never did (just ask Torii Hunter). No tricks, just one big, bad-ass man, one well-footed swordsman and a bunch of guys in beards. Of course this would have worked better if Andrew McCutchen played for the Sox, but that doesn’t matter. Last year was a fairy tale and everyone played their part as the good guys won.

That’s of course, the whole point: baseball doesn’t end on Happily Ever After because, as Cubs fans know, there’s always next year. The rodents of unusual size of the AL East were there last year and I’m sure they will play into the adventure this year. Some of them even look like familiar rats. As much as we’d love to beat the Yankees to the Pain and Rays to the Death, we aren’t quite sure what we’ve got ahead of us as the story comes to an end.

We are a little unsure on our feet, especially in the outfield. Who knows if Koji can bottle that up again and be a door-shutter. Maybe, just maybe, Will, Jackie and Xander will in fact be the new glue for this second part of the story?

We had fun storming the castle last year. What happens next is, just like Goldman’s sequel, completely unfinished. Let’s just hope it doesn’t end in tragedy, but another happy ending. Twue Wuv is what bwings us together after all.