We Love Marathon Weekends – 2014

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Boston: Boston Marathon Finish Line

It’s a big weekend and our authors are taking in as much of our amazing town as we can. Here’s some advice and where to find us.

Natty: SPRING HAS SPRUNG IN BOSTON! Well, sort of. This weekend, I’ll be heading out for dinner and drinks with some old friends in Back Bay–maybe CodaSaturday, I’ll head South to the land of my youth–Providence, RI–to spend a quality weekend with the family. Naturally, I’ll be back Sunday night to prepare for the 118th Boston Marathon. I will spend Monday celebrating our fantastic city and the good, proud people in it. I plan to lose my voice cheering on the runners as they pass mile 22. Oh, and I hear the weather is going to be perfect. All will be right. This weekend is our weekend, Boston. Enjoy it, and happy Marathon.

AlexI am looking forward to a fantastic long weekend! Friday I will be hitting up all of my favorite bakeries for delicious homemade Easter breads (Bricco Panetteria in the North End), almond biscotti (Athan’s in Brighton), and walnut cookies (Parzaile’s Bakery in the North End). Saturday my sister, grandmother, and uncle are heading down to Chatman to open up my Uncle’s house for the summer. This summer cannot come fast enough. We will head back up to Nashua for a delicious relaxing Easter celebration with just the 4 of us. Monday I will be back in town to celebrate Patriots Day with friends. We will have our annual brunch extravaganza at my friend’s house in Washington Square, followed by watching the Marathon. Unfortunately, where we watched the Marathon last year, Jimmy’s in Washington Square, is now closed. So we will grab our folding chairs and cheer the runners on at mile marker 3 from the street.

Boston Marathon 2012

Sarah M.This weekend’s theme: “Runners Are The Best Kind Of People.” Friday night I am meeting up in Cleveland Circle for a shakeout run with the folks at Runner’s World. Word on the street is that Bart Yasso will be there, so I plan to turn into a huge fan girl the second I see him (and thank him for cheering my name at the Marine Corps Marathon when I wanted to die at mile 25.5) Saturdaymorning is for long runs, possibly with a finish or pit-stop at the Boston Marathon Expo. Sunday is Easter so I will be enjoying lots of pork and sweets with my boyfriend’s family out in the ‘burbs. But I better get a good nights’ sleep because Monday is the greatest Monday of the year. I plan on parking myself right at the Tappan St. area on Beacon, like I do every year, and cheering until I have no voice. 

DaveAs a Bostonian and runner, lots on the mind, so lots to do. Going to start by taking a Brit out for a beer at Harpoon (heck, he has to deal with enough this weekend, given that whole Patriots’ Day thing about us tossing them out) and checking out some theater out in Concord (Angels in America at the Umbrella!). Saturday will be a running day for me before Easter Vigil, and then Sunday is when I’ll get into a nice day of brunch, Star Wars and Shakespeare. Monday, to me, is all about the tradition of doing the parts of Marathon Monday I love best: friends, good food, baseball near Fenway and then cheering the runners on through Kenmore.  

Boston Marathon 2013

AndrewI’ll be in Philly. But the B’s and people of Boston will be on my mind. 

DreaFriday night is a long one at work for me, because I’m hosting a #HackBostonStrong Hackathon at Intrepid Labs. More than 60 people are teaming up to make Boston better, either focusing specifically on the Marathon or the city at large. Once that wraps up on Saturday night, I’m headed to Merrill & Co for dinner before Aisha Tyler at the Wilbur. A nice little family celebration is in order for Easter on Sunday out in Harvard. Then, like every Marathon Monday, I’ll wake up early, head to my best friend’s for Champers and Breakfast before we take up our usual cheering spaces near the finish line. Like every year, I’ll yell and dance and cheer and periodically get choked up from all the feels.