Where to Watch the World Cup in Boston: Group Stage

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Ready for the World Cup, day drinking and international fever? We sure are. Soccer and pubs to watch come in all shapes and sizes, though. Since it’s hard to really bucket them completely, it’s going to depend what you’re looking for. We’ve broken it down into a group stage to make sure you’ve got what you’re looking for.

Group A: The Established Soccer Bars

1. Banshee – Your regular home for the US Men’s National Team fan base, not to mention Celtic and (ugh) Chelsea.

2. Lir – Boylston’s Irish pub also doubles as the home for Arsenal supporters.

3. Phoenix Landing – Yes, it’s in Cambridge, but the Liverpool Boston supporters will be welcoming as always.

4. The Lansdowne Pub – Likely to get a crowd, especially during home games for the Sox.

Group B: Sports Bar Style

1. Game On – Watched parts of 2006 here and the amount of TVs make it a great spot. Be warned if you are in the basement you will forget what time of day it is.

2. Greatest Bar – North End adjacent, plenty of TVs, plenty of space.

3. McGreevy’s – The back area is fantastic and likely to be a solid choice right on Boylston.

4. Clarke’s – Off a side street in Faneuil, while it doesn’t have the size of some of the other Congress St. pubs, it will likely have a good crowd.

Group C: Just Go to an Irish Pub

1. Four’s Boston – Absolutely going to be a good day drinking spot.

2. Kinsale (Beacon Hill) – Plus you can overlook the Government Center Construction.

3. Asgard (Central) – The open set-up here is great, especially if you can snag a good armchair to watch from.

4. The Burren (Davis) – One of the best spots over in Davis Square will fit the bill for your soccer watching needs, too.

Group D: I’d Like To Be Different

1. Back Bay Social Club (Back Bay) – It’s set up well and they still make one of the best Old Fashioneds in town (if you’re into that to accompany your soccer watching).

2. Five Horses (South End) – You won’t get the audio on the games, but you’ll get the best beer list in town.

3. Russell House Tavern (Harvard Square) – I’d imagine that this would be a place to get both an amazing seafood tower and a good spot for some game watching.

4. Tip Tap Room (Beacon Hill) – Strong food, not a great amount of TVs but if the windows are open, hard to beat.

There are many, many more, and it will likely evolve over the week as places announce what they are up to. Enjoy and I BELIEVE THAT WE WILL WIN.