We Love Beantown. Period.

(And we know that some people worry about the name, don’t worry, we’ve already talked about how we can still love Boston even if we do want to go by the nom de plume.)

There are many of us here – some born in Boston and natives to the area, some who showed up here because of college and others who have appeared along the way. Each author has but one thing in common: we write about things in Boston that we love from a perspective of people who are a part of this town.

About Our Symbol

Paul Revere rode through town sharing the news that the British were coming, and now, several centuries later, we have handed him the mantle to let everyone know of the news that we hope to bring to town. Trust us, we don’t have Old North Church, just a blog, but we hope that what we’re sharing is interesting and, on occasion, half as important as protecting the Commonwealth.

About Our Team

Some of us are new to the Boston tech and blog scene. Some of us have been active through jobs in PR, startups, marketing, education and journalism circles. We hope you don’t mind that we all do this in our spare time and not as a day job. It helps us keep it light and with a perspective that we hope is something you may share.

Get In Touch

There are any number of ways to get ahold of us. If you just want to reach an individual author, check out our authors’ listings to find out how to reach them, or if you have a suggestion as to what we should write about, tell our editors about it and we’ll run with it if it works for us. You should know we ditch spam like tea into Boston Harbor, though. You can also hang out with us online on Twitter or add any photos you’d like to see on the site to our Flickr group.