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MBTA Mapping Gets a Facelift

The MBTA realized that their current mapping system lends itself to confusing everyone as to why you can’t get to Fenway from the E-Line.

This past spring, the MBTA launched the New Perspectives MBTA Map Re-design competition. Vote for your favorite here because the MBTA may use the map with the most favorable public response from this contest as the new MBTA map, so please be sure to vote!!

This one looks pretty snazzy and modern:Survey Map 6 lg



Bostonian Habits, Transportation and the T

Here’s Why You’re Not Going to Win Storrow Pool


It’s that time of the year – hell, trucks already have gotten stuck on Storrow Drive. We love the game and story of Storrow Pool, when we all crystal ball and joke about the inevitability of a truck getting stuck on Storrow Drive. It brings me a lot of joy.

It’s not the only thing: you see, the immense amount of joy I get from FOIA is kind of sad, too. Sometimes these things collide (no pun intended).  For example, did you know that massDOT does a phenomenal job of collecting crash data on car accidents around the state and makes it available for review?

Of course, with this new database at my fingertips, I want to let all of you know that you have no chance against me in this year’s #StorrowPool. I downloaded the data with the sole purpose of Nate Silvering the crap out of it and proving trends to pin point when bridge incidents with trucks on the historic trailway happen on September 1st.

There’s just one problem: looking at the data…Storrow Pool is a lie.

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Opening Number: 9,000

Boston: Boston Marathon Finish Line

It comes up quite a bit between running and city circles: how will the BAA respond to a likely influx of interest from people wanting to compete in the 2014 Marathon? The answers are started to trickle in, and one answer is going to be a sizable addition to what already is a sizable field. 9,000 new bibs will be made available, although details are not clear on how they will be distributed, for interested runners for next year’s race. What remains to be seen is whether or not they will be charity affiliated, reserved for qualifiers who

More details on this as they come in.

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Anna’s Taqueria – The Hype Is Real

07-17-06 006

Every culture seems to have a wrapped food item in their culinary repertoire.

Italians have manicotti and cannoli while the Japanese have sushi.  The Chinese and Thai have spring rolls, the French have crepes, Polish have stuffed cabbage, and the United States has Little Debbie’s Swiss Rolls.

But the nation that has trumped the UN’s rolled food race would be Mexico with their delectable burritos.

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