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Actual Local’s Guide to Fenway Park


Generally speaking, I love Yahoo!’s baseball blog, Big League Stew. It’s clever, it balances the line between “look here” blogging and hard news and stats, even deferring to the stat-nerd-Moneyballer fans like me when it can.

As part of the early season coverage, BLS has been dedicating time to each ballpark, and offering tips through it’s “Local’s Guide” series. Fenway Park got its due last week and, since for once I have intimate knowledge of the area around the park, I was excited to see which things were going to be properly depicted.

And then I was disappointed.

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One Fund Boston Concert Line-Up Announced, And Holy Amazing It Is


The One Fund isn’t messing around with its benefit concert at the Garden: Aerosmith, Jason Aldean, Boston, Jimmy Buffett, Dane Cook, Extreme, J Geils Band, Godsmack, Carole King (never thought I’d type those two names next to each other), NKOTB, James Taylor, Steven Wright and more.

After the Aziz Ansari lesson and scalpers, sounds like tickets are going to be paperless and have to be used by the people who purchased them. Tickets go on sale Monday morning.