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New Music From: This Blue Heaven



We’re really excited about the new This Blue Heaven EP coming out and today we get a preview the first single, Goodbye Juliet, which features the Borromeo String Quartet (resident quartet at New England Conservatory), as well as more than a dozen guest vocalists (from Kingsley Flood, Parks, Shadwell, Naked on Roller Skates, etc.).

Goodbye Juliet is the first of four singles they’ll be releasing in the coming weeks. The Neko Case feeling tune marks a slight change in direction for the group, but doesn’t mean they’ll be losing their upbeat feel.

You can check out this track and experience them live at Brighton Music Hall on Sat. July 13 18+ / $12 / 8pm with The Motion Sick, Parks, Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library, and Wash Pool.

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A Red, White, and Blood Orange Soiree

Since I’ll be spending my summer far from Beantown and immersed in Hispanic culture, it’s only appropriate that a “Sangria and Tapas Soiree” be the topic of my first post from abroad!


As you go red-white-and-blue in the face from over-celebrating ‘murica this weekend, why not try embracing some Spanish culture on Monday? Continue reading

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Brighton Gets Classy

Get ready for a pampering, Brighton.

Brighton Gourmet and Cellar

Last Fall, when I moved to Oak Square in Brighton, a nasty, basically condemned, bookshop closed its doors.  The place sat empty for a month or so until this sign appeared above the door.

My roommate and fellow Beantown writer Dan and I were smitten in culinary love.

Continue reading

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Free Burritos for a Year!


Okay, so there’s no such thing as a free lunch. You’ll have to earn it.

Forget about what you’d do for a Klondike Bar – what would you do for a year’s worth of free burritos? Would you chug gallons of horchata? Or do the Mexican hat dance for hours on end? How about consuming as many picante peppers as Peter Piper could possibly pick?

One of Beantown’s best Mexican eateries, El Pelón, is offering you a chance to win a year’s supply of their delectable burritos by participating in their annual “Fiery Fifteen Contest.”  Continue reading