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Your Roadmap to Wednesday’s Fenway Parking Nightmare

No Stopping Boston Police Special Event Wednesday & Thursday 4PM to 2AM

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to get my car towed/ticketed/flipped/broken-into-during-riots, since I always try to keep my car at top, and I even got insurance from the cheap auto policies online, so my car is always safe… so I checked out the City of Boston’s parking ban list… and I was lost as I read down the laundry list of roads.

I help myself out (and you) mapped out the bans… if it is in red…or close to the red… don’t even think about pulling over.


From the Department of Transportation:

Red Sox fans are strongly encouraged by the City of Boston to leave their personal vehicles at home and take the T whether they are heading to Fenway or another destination in Boston to watch the World Series games scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday of this week.  On-street parking will be restricted on several streets in the Fenway/Kenmore neighborhood of the City.  Parking will also be restricted on streets in Brighton, as well as near Northeastern University, Faneuil Hall and North Station.

Additional Parking Enforcement staff will be working before, during and after the games to assist with public safety needs.  They will also be concentrating on ensuring that only vehicles with Fenway/Kenmore Resident Parking Permits are parked in curbside spaces designated for residents in that neighborhood.

For more information on the parking ban check out the City of Boston’s Press Release for the official road closings… I wouldn’t want you to get mad at me if you park on a street that I missed!

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Sweat in the City: Anna’s Taqueria Walqueria

07-17-06 006
Normally, “half marathons” and “burritos” are never mentioned in the same sentence. Unless you are talking about getting some burritos after running 13.1 miles. But this Saturday, you don’t have to run 13.1 miles in order to get your delicious burrito.

Anna’s Taqueria is holding its 7th annual Walqueria – a half-marathon walk to benefit The Home for Little Wanderers. Here’s how it works. Starting in their 1412 Beacon Street, Brookline location, you will visit each Anna’s location along a 13.1 mile loop, stopping along the way for some free refreshments. For each location that you visit, Anna’s will donate $5 to The Home for Little Wanderers, a local organization ensuring the healthy emotional, mental, and social development of children at risk, their families and communities. So the more you walk, the more you can eat, the more money you can donate. Get those walking shoes ready!

The walk will begin at Anna’s – 1412 Beacon Street, Brookline – at 10:15 am this Saturday, September 21st, registration starting at 9:30 (you can also sign up on Facebook). The cost is free, but donations are welcome.

Here’s the route:

  • Stop 1 (Anna’s Beacon St.): Free burrito and a punch card to use at each stop (for each punch, Anna’s donates $5 to The Home for Little Wanderers).
  • Stops 2-5 (Anna’s MGH, Anna’s MIT, Anna’s Porter Sq., Anna’s Davis Sq.): Anna’s provides Natural beverages, chips/salsa/guacamole, tacos and small cheese quesadillas for participants; other menu items available for purchase.
  • Stop 6 (Anna’s Harvard St.): Free burrito to refuel!

Follow @AnnasWalqueria on Twitter or #AnnasWalqueria for additional updates and photos.


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Anna’s Taqueria – The Hype Is Real

07-17-06 006

Every culture seems to have a wrapped food item in their culinary repertoire.

Italians have manicotti and cannoli while the Japanese have sushi.  The Chinese and Thai have spring rolls, the French have crepes, Polish have stuffed cabbage, and the United States has Little Debbie’s Swiss Rolls.

But the nation that has trumped the UN’s rolled food race would be Mexico with their delectable burritos.

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Crawling Through the Decades: A Unique Literary Boston Pub Crawl

Join the Union Park Press, Bully Boy Distilleries, and Brookline Booksmith for a unique book signing experience at the Regal Beagle.

When the Volstead act went into effect on January 16th, 1920 it regulated the distribution and sale of alcohol.  Boston’s rich night life was predicted to be extinguished, yet Prohibition provided an outlet for speakeasy and underground saloons.

Crawl through Boston’s boisterous boozing history with author Stephanie Schorow.  She captured Boston’s bar scene from colonial-era taverns to today’s craft cocktail bars in her book “Drinking Boston”.

Schorow will discuss her book and sign copies at the Regal Beagle at 7 pm on Sunday, January 20th.  Bawdy Boston  at the Beagle,  is co-hosted by Brookline Booksmith along with “Drinking Boston” publisher, Union Park Press, and Boston-based Bully Boys.

A complimentary signed copy of Drinking Boston is included with each ticket ($35 in advance/$40 at the door), along with 2 drinks and passed prohibition inspired apps.

QR Code Drinking Boston

Use this QR code to dowload this complimentary App for your mobile device. The App features walking tours, pub crawls, and cocktails of yesterday and today.

(Note: The app is designed for a smartphone or tablet, and will look and work the best on those devices.)