Pike Gun Billboard Set to Move from Fenway

billboard on outside of Fenway Park, Boston

Last spring, the Red Sox made the acquisition of a parking garage across Lansdowne and there was some intrigue on a lot of levels. Most of them positive about what the Sox could do with the land – build a high rise that peered over the Monster, perhaps? – but there was one more question: the garage is also the backing for the Stop Handgun Violence sign that has been extremely prominent on the stretch of the Pike by the park for almost 20 years.

A story in the Globe this morning quotes the head of the non-profit and owner of the billboard, who notes that he will have to take down the billboard and, if he can’t find a cheap option, it may cease to exist. There aren’t many places as high traffic – both pedestrian and vehicle – and as the conversation and cause are worthy and necessary to have in this day and age, it’d be a shame if there wasn’t a way for SHV to keep Boston in the heart of that discourse.

A history of the different billboards since 1995 can be seen at SHV’s Facebook page. Hopefully they find a place that is just as prominent to continue to promote its cause and this important conversation.

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Your Roadmap to Wednesday’s Fenway Parking Nightmare

No Stopping Boston Police Special Event Wednesday & Thursday 4PM to 2AM

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to get my car towed/ticketed/flipped/broken-into-during-riots, since I always try to keep my car at top, and I even got insurance from the cheap auto policies online, so my car is always safe… so I checked out the City of Boston’s parking ban list… and I was lost as I read down the laundry list of roads.

I help myself out (and you) mapped out the bans… if it is in red…or close to the red… don’t even think about pulling over.


From the Department of Transportation:

Red Sox fans are strongly encouraged by the City of Boston to leave their personal vehicles at home and take the T whether they are heading to Fenway or another destination in Boston to watch the World Series games scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday of this week.  On-street parking will be restricted on several streets in the Fenway/Kenmore neighborhood of the City.  Parking will also be restricted on streets in Brighton, as well as near Northeastern University, Faneuil Hall and North Station.

Additional Parking Enforcement staff will be working before, during and after the games to assist with public safety needs.  They will also be concentrating on ensuring that only vehicles with Fenway/Kenmore Resident Parking Permits are parked in curbside spaces designated for residents in that neighborhood.

For more information on the parking ban check out the City of Boston’s Press Release for the official road closings… I wouldn’t want you to get mad at me if you park on a street that I missed!