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Donate to the Red Cross

Something very cool happened yesterday.

Red Cross blood drive

I gave tried to give blood with one of my coworkers in Andover, and it was so busy that they had to turn away walk-in donations.

I think it is awesome that the Boston-Strong-Pride has extended to Greater Boston and people are not forgetting to continuously do their part. As Dan noted before: thanks to the overwhelming response in the last [days], the Red Cross reports that their current supplies here in Boston are sufficient, but have also noted that “donations historically drop as the summer months approach, so now would be a great time to schedule a donation to help ensure there is enough blood available this summer.”

So here is my story…

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Designing Beantown: MAPC Holds Open House Jan. 29

Policy wonks and smart growthers unite. The Metropolitan Area Planning Council is holding an open house to showcase their recent work on Greater Boston’s urban development on January 29. The MAPC, celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2013, is a regional planning agency that researches and promotes issues of socioeconomic equality through smart growth and urban planning, housing, transportation and natural resources conservation. Register here and discuss what’s in Metro Boston’s policy pipeline with folks that have done their homework.

There will also be food and a raffle. Let’s go. I mean, come on.


Bostonian Habits, Greater Boston, Transportation and the T

Mapping The Hub of the Transit Universe

Time-Scale Map of MBTA Commuter Rail, by Stonebrown Design

A little imagination captures the spirit of our transit-obsessed city. No matter how terrible a commute, or uneven the pavement underfoot waiting outside at Yawkey Station, the trainspotter awakens with new take on our century-old infrastructure. Stonebrown Design did just that, again.

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Those Crazy Kids Police Officers

Proper egging technique is learned over years of practice.

It’s not some job left up to some teenagers.

Thankfully, Newton PD took matters into their own hands for a demonstration of just exactly how to prank a friend/superior member of the suburban police force. It looks like, according to the MetroWest Daily News, that a December incident out in Framingham involving some thrown eggs and the home of a Newton police sergeant was conducted by a trio of off-duty police officers.

Kids – do as they say, not as they do. MWD reports that the matter will be handled internally and no charges will be filed.

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Getting Ready for the Holidays

Turkey Day is this week… and although I am excited for a family binge fest of 4 different stuffings, 3 styles of cranberry sauce, my mom’s award-winning apple pie, sweet potato smashed potatoes, and whatever style turkey my dad decides for this year (Tur-duck-in, Fried Turkey, Stuffed, Glazed, or Brine), I am truly excited for helping my dad untangle lights and set up the Santa Express Train.

This weekend is the start of all things to get you in the Holiday spirit.  Here is a very brief rundown of some of my favorite things, other than whiskers-on-kittens and brown-paper-packages-tied-up-with-string

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