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Inman Square: More Community Than Hipster Enclave

Not long ago, a tragedy befell Inman Square. Our local neighborhood feline, Kiki “Inman Cat” was fatally hit by a car.

Everybody that lives or works around Beacon Street in Inman Square had seen Kiki. She did as she pleased, hunting mice or lounging in a parking lot. An aloof neighborhood cat if ever there was one. Kiki was very cognizant of cars and we all figured she would never get hit by a car. But Kiki, ever the huntress, pursued prey into the street and met her end.

A memorial to Kiki has sat undisturbed on Beacon Street for a couple of weeks. The memorial speaks to the people that live in Inman. It is a respectful neighborhood where people know each other and like each other. It speaks perfectly to the community that is Inman Square.

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Hubway Comes to Inman and I’m Not Happy

Boston is a city that embraces cyclists.

And I am proud to live in a city like that.

But there is a point where I draw the line. Last week I wandered through the park that is the center of Inman Square, the neighborhood that I live and have grown to love in the last couple of years and I saw what I considered an abomination. Hubway, the bike-sharing program (more info here) that Boston has embraced, was setting up a station in the middle of Inman.

And I wept a little inside.

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