Guy in Somerville Takes Cement Block for a Walk [Performance Art?]

Friend of the blog Kally points us toward something a little weird happening in Somerville over the weekend: your friendly neighborhood cement block walker? As Kally tells us, it looks like there may be more to this than meets the eye (which I really, really hope is true).

“Turns out, it’s chalk! I’ve followed it for about 2 miles through Somerville and Cambridge, with the help of some other local Tumblr people.”

We aren’t sure what the story is here, but someone out there has to be able to help.


Four Things I Learned About Urban Poultry

Urban Poulty at Somerville's Relish

I had to introduce myself, like everyone else in the room. That’s how meet ups work, friends. Sadly, I didn’t have much to contribute in terms of a great response.

“Hi, my name is Dave, I write for local blog We Love Beantown, I’m here because our friends at Eventbrite encouraged me to check out something completely different in town as part of our partnership. I don’t own any chickens, I’ve never really thought about owning chickens and I don’t know if I will any time soon.”

Over the next hour of the Backyard Chicken Keepers meetup at Somerville’s Relish, hosted by the Chickeness herself, Khrysti Smyth of Yardbirds Backyard Chickens, I learned plenty – maybe not enough to change my mind, but at least some fun facts – that I think make for a fun little story and education this Monday.

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Opening Number: Article 89

Urban Poulty at Somerville's Relish

Somerville stakes its claim as the first urban agriculture zone in the Commonwealth, and we’ll get to more on that later this week when I review a great get together at Union Square’s Relish that we were able to attend thanks to our great friends at Eventbrite.

But, here’s your teaser for that: Boston is in the midst of looking into its own regulation to allow residents to keep backyard chickens and other types of small agriculture. That would of course be Article 89.

And in my head, they had to work all through evening, until the waking hours. It’s not true, that I know of, but if it was, I would headline the story “Boston Stays Up All Night to Get Clucky.”