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Opening Number: The Entire Third Period

Snowy South End

This is just a personal rant, but do you know how long it took me to find a parking spot down in the South End last night? How about the entire third period – I got back home around the end of intermission and just walked into my apartment as the scrum ended the Bruins second victory in this final Stanley Cup round.

Friends and neighbors of the South End – can we all have a pact to just leave one spot open for me or, hey, maybe if certain restaurants aren’t using their valet spaces, we can open those up sooner in the day (*cough* Jae’s *cough*).

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Underrated Restaurants So Good the President Goes There

Boston has no shortage of popular eateries. From time to time, however, a good restaurant seems to fall through the cracks and misses out on the recognition it deserves. In this semi-regular series, we will share our picks for those underrated dining spots that might strike your fancy.

Up next: Charlie’s Sandwich Shoppe

No fancy explanation for this South End neighborhood gem. All you need to know is this: POTUS is in town and hanging around the South End before an event with Ed Markey tonight. For lunch? The great cash-only, no restrooms Columbus Ave Charlie’s Sandwich Shoppe.

[via Michael Levenson]

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State Street Barbers Changes Up Name, Keeps Everything Else Down to the Smocks

There aren’t many traditional barbers left in the world, but State Street Barbers down in the South End on Washington certainly carried the standard splendidly. Hot shaves, great cuts, outstanding service and a personal favorite spot of mine for keeping things classy.

It’s always been a little curious that State Street Barbers here in Boston inhabited a building absolutely nowhere near State St. Well, that’s mainly because the name check is for a different city’s State Street: Chicago. Owner Peter Solomon, who had opened the Boston location in 2006, shed his Chicago store to focus on living in one place, and with that, a rebranded shop was born just a few weeks ago.

If you didn’t know any better or just didn’t pay attention walking in, it really is the same place. Tweed Barbers, in the same location at 1313 Washington, offers the same classy service and services – I was just there last weekend, and my barber Andrew is still doing the best job in town Heck, I’m pretty sure my smock still said State St. on it.

The shop has been well regarded in media, from Boston’s Bests to national rec, so it’s nice to know that the name change isn’t much more than cosmetic. Seriously, guys, get a hot shave once in your life. No better place to do it in town, either.

[Photo from TweedBarbers.com]

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Sunday Brunch, Mother’s Day Style

2013-4-20 spring 224

Breaking news: Sunday is Mother’s Day.

Put away the Elmer’s glue – a popsicle-stick picture frame is, sadly, no longer an acceptable gift for Mom (unless you’re in elementary school, and if you are, we are marketing this blog poorly).

This year, forgo the arts ‘n crafts and the cliché bouquet of flowers and treat your mother to a stack of pancakes with a side of prime rib. If she’s human, she loves brunch (if she’s not human, we are definitely marketing this blog incorrectly). Thrillist Boston has come up with a list of the 5 Perfect Boston Mother’s Day Brunches – it’s so useful that they actually included six options (I was never great at math either). My personal choice would be The Beehive in the South End, because who doesn’t love jazz, and more importantly, who could resist a dish called poached eggs Shakshuka?

Word to your mothers. Happy Mother’s Day!

Shout-out to Alex for passing along this article just as I was sitting down to write a post. How serendipitous. 

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I’m Going To Talk About a New Restaurant

That’s it.

I’ve seen the photos and clips released by the FBI, read through minute-by-minute analysis by Redditors, glued to social media, searched for what those hats may be.

And I’m done. I’m ready to think about living in my city and neighborhood again. I need to.

So I’m going to talk about a new restaurant.

Today marks a pretty monumental day in the long change over of the Columbus Cafe as it becomes Five Horses South. Tracking it every day, work has been slow (they’ve been moving the kitchen to the base and connecting the two sides of the former space into one dining room/bar area). Well, the last piece of evidence that Columbus Cafe existed is gone: the window that had its name etched in the side (below) was replaced by plywood sometime on Thursday.

Columbus Cafe, Empty Patio

Hopefully this is a sign of development and a soon-to-be-opening in the South End – I could use a friendly local out my front door right now.