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The Thing About Our New Comcast-Time Warner Overlord

There will be Xfinity pieces talking about the merger of the two biggest (most hated?) cable companies in the US teaming up together. They will use the words monopoly. They will not be talking about the board game.

If you live in Boston, nothing may change or maybe your bill will go up or down. That’ll get worked out. What won’t change, though, is that whatever the company ends up getting called or renamed anyway – well, that’s basically your only option if you want service in Boston proper (the land of FiOS Free).

Resign yourself to capitalism: Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

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Reckless Politics: Where Would Boston Reps Stand on the “Deport Bieber” Issue

Bold declaration out of Virginia today, where Senator Mark Warner is jumping on the bandwagon of deporting Canadian Rapscallion Justin Bieber:

warner bieber

With this important news out there, we need to get to the bottom of where our national representatives lie on the situation. Assessing the representatives for Boston:

  • Sen. Elizabeth Warren – Belieber – While she hasn’t made any sort of rumblings that she would consider running for President in 2016, she also hasn’t made any sort of rumblings that she wouldn’t consider running for President in 2016. So, she can’t be going pissing off Canadian-American voters in a Democratic primary. If this was the general election, though, her tough stance on immigration may be more useful, but now isn’t the time.
  • Sen. Ed Markey – Not a Belieber – If I was him, I’d do anything possible to run from this headline from last January. DEPORT.
  • Representative Michael Capuano – Not a Belieber – There is no way that shit would be happening in Somerville.
  • Representative Stephen Lynch – Belieber – He has a 14 year old daughter. No dad makes that call. No way.
  • Mayor Marty Walsh – Belieber – Supply and Demand. The longer Bieber stays around, the increased need for security, police forces and pot hole repairs.
  • Former Mayor Tom Menino – Belieber – You know, unless Justin really likes Chik-Fil-A.
  • Attorney General Martha Coakley – Not a Belieber – She wouldn’t understand why people would wait in the cold to see him.
  • Former Senator Scott Brown – Not a Belieber – He’d deport, then move to Florida and run for his senate seat (I’m assuming Scotty thinks Bieber has a senate seat).
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Opening Number: 27 paces

Who’s excited for “BC’s Not in Boston” hand wringing!!1!!11!?1!ELEVEN

The headline and tone of this morning’s Globe article about the location of Mayor Elect Marty Walsh’s inauguration – set for, GASP, Boston College’s Conte Forum – is seemingly questioning the validity of the actual town border for determining what is and what isn’t Boston. Hell, the URL of the article is “inauguration-ceremony-mayor-elect-martin-walsh-squeaks-boston-border”.

Of course, the article begrudgingly points out that the January 6th event is being held in a location that maintains a 27-pace distance from the town line of Newton. “But it’s mailing address is Chestnut Hill,” reminds the second paragraph of the story.

Instead of worrying about where in Boston the event will be – and, again, this building is in Boston, mind you – look at why: it can be inside, accommodate nearly 9,000 people, comes with lots of parking since classes aren’t back yet and, most importantly, offers something significant to Walsh. While a state rep, Walsh completed his bachelor’s attending the College of Advancing Studies at BC in the evenings. Lest I turn this too much into a commercial, those all seem like perfectly valid reasons.

The Globe isn’t the first, and given how noted Boston Twitters and Media were all aflutter when the announcement was made early in December (my defense was equally scoffed, thanks Annear), this will probably be a story through the first week of the year. Of course, why cover the actual inauguration if we can gin up a little more hate at BC’s way?

Just think of the positive: no downtown traffic on the first Monday back to work for many folks. Save your hate for the Beanpot.