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Let the Games for Jockeying for 2024 Begin

Boston has been chosen by the US Olympic Committee to represent the country and bid for the Summer Olympics in 2024. I’m personally a supporter, and think it’d be exciting – then again, I like sports, pomp, circumstance and international grandstanding. There are arguments against it (most of them are traffic-related, some on the questions of costs), from the same people who complain about necessary updates to the transportation system in the city.

Urban developers, apply. Also, we stand to look more like London than Sydney or Athens.

Nothing has been decided yet. It won’t be for years. Boston does not “have” the Olympics. Just a chance, and that’s something cool – it says our city has something to offer. Before the NIMBYism, at least appreciate our appreciation.

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Let Uber be Your First Mate

uber boat

Look, somedays you just want to go for a Harbor cruise, and now Uber has teamed up with some of the local captains to offer that service of their Water Taxis. Brilliant move by both Uber and BHC – hard for those boaters to make money between fares, and now something uniquely Boston has hit the Uber system.

Rates aren’t terrible either: $10 per person (with a $1 booking fee) and than a 20% tip added on. It looks like just a pilot, as it only is available for the next two weeks until the 15th.