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Boston Fourth of July Fireworks

We made it. One full year writing about what we love about this town – and as much as we have enjoyed writing for you, we’ve all learned plenty about what it means to be from Boston. It’s been one of the most interesting, and at times tragic, years to call ourselves Bostonians – but you’ve all taught us quite a bit.

Andrea learned why we deserve a boutique wine store and Natty schooled us on the importance of alternative radio coming from the towers of Emerson. Sarah helped us discover the motivation and cool airs when it’s unbearably hot. I found out what my voice sounds like echoing across Fenway Park. Andrew kept his cool when we met our musical heroes. Dan stood behind athletes who made history…for what they did off the field as role models. Jarret got lost in the history of the famous Boston Tea Party.

And, just as Alex shows us best, we have lots of reasons for loving Boston. Oh yes, we loved Boston, through a spring that demanded we, as Matt so beautifully put it, stand together as one city.

We love Boston and we don’t mind calling it Beantown. Today’s our first birthday, and we hope you keep stopping by to give us the inspiration to keep learning what this city has in store.

We Love Beantown

ICYMI: May’s Best From WLBT

A bench with a view

We appreciate everyone who has taken at least a little bit of time out of their day to read our posts here at We Love Beantown. Whether you’re a new reader, a first time visitor, or you just happened to miss it the first time through, you likely missed an article or two. Well, as a public service and self-promotional moment, we think we had some really fun posts this month. With that in mind, here’s your In Case You Missed It from us here in May.

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Photo of the Week, We Love Beantown

Photo of the Week: May 15, 2013

Boston Marathon 2013

Where we were a month ago.

Literally – this photo was shot by We Love Beantown’s own Alex Dupnik.

And we were cheering on Beacon and Boylston streets, frolicking in the sun with our dogs, toasting friends in bars, watching the Red Sox at Fenway – and then.

Today, let’s look at and reflect on how things have changed, and, more importantly, how they haven’t.

Where we are now: Eating and shopping on Boylston street, running and frolicking in the sun, toasting friends in bars, watching the Sox and Bruins – and more.

Better yet, post your Boston Strong badassery on our Flickr page. Because this city rocks.

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Vampire Weekend Rocks Agganis Arena Tonight, You Going?


To say I’ve been abusing the free stream on iTunes of Vampire Weekend’s new album, Vampires of the City, would be an understatement. Kind of like, the Bruins pulled off an OK win the other night. That kind of understatement.

This is one of those albums that gets stronger and stronger with each track. And previewing a few tracks on SNL the other night, you can tell they’ve really honed the sound of these songs, especially my favorite track, Unbelievers, off the album and possibly the year so far.

Luckily YOU, yes you out there, can take in the new album live tonight! Tickets are still available for tonight’s show at the Agganis Arena (BU). Show starts at 7:30 with Haim, who I heard are solid.

PS: If you’re looking to get rid of a cheap ticket to a handsome/friendly blogger, feel free to drop me line 🙂

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Would You Go to a Game 7?


The roller coaster ride that is an NHL playoff game 7, cannot be replicated in any other sporting event. You couple the usual high paced back and forth, with the desperation to continue the season and last night, once again proving that the game is never really over, no matter how good the outcome looks.

I know after last nights thriller, this seems like an obvious answer. But, after having experienced, in person, two game 7 losses; probably 5-7 years off my life and dipping into my 401K, I don’t know if I could bring myself to do it again.

My experiences were from Pre-Stanley Cup Bruins (my lifetime), when my brother and I would spend about a 1/3 of our paychecks on the secondary ticket markets, taking in Bruins playoff games. I’d witnessed every other sports championship in this town, but yet to see my favorite team reach that peak…

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