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Crash Line Productions, in partnership with Downtown Boston Business Improvement District (BID) and The Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy, announcesthe 2014 Boston Calling Block Party series. Kicking off May 8, 2014 and running through September 25, 2014, the parties will be held every Thursday evening from 5-8pm in Dewey Square, directly across from South Station. All events are free and open to the public, and are presented by Shock Top and Radio BDC. The Swinging Johnsons will perform this Thursday and fans can check the rotating schedule of local artists each week at The Block Party series is in addition to Boston Calling’s three-day music festivals, which take place May 23-25, 2014 and September 5-7, 2014 respectively.

It’s official. Summer is in the house.

The folks who put on Boston Calling Music Festival feel like Boston could use even MORE fun and music throughout the warmer months, those jerks 🙂

But seriously, this is a great move to showcase the beautiful Rose Kennedy Greenway, local artists and DJs, as well as some delicious local produce from the farmer’s market.

Mayoral Walsh also chimed in to offer his approval:

“We are excited about Boston Calling’s creative activation of the City of Boston’s unique open spaces. The popular Block Party Series’ move to Dewey Square, where food trucks and the Boston Public Market already bring people together, will add additional energy to the square. It will create a new environment for friends to gather after work, and will make the Rose Kennedy Greenway and our whole city even more vibrant.”

So kick off those wingtips and heels, flower children, and enjoy the green grass beneath your feet because Boston’s ‘summah’ just got ‘funnah’.

If you want to enjoy some other great events put on by the great folks at Boston Calling check out the Music Festival coming up: 


We Love Drinks, We Love Food

The MetroWest Starbucks Gap

Look, if you’re downtown, you can’t throw a rock without hitting a Starbucks – there’s at least one place that I know of in Back Bay that you can stand inside a Starbucks and see another one, Starbucks is popular because people really like coffee, and the coffee providers in all the world can even be found online, discover more here if you’re interested in this for your shop.

But now, with news that Starbucks is expanding into a Late Night hotspot complete with canapes and cocktails this is as good a time as ever to point out the fact that while plentiful downtown, there is a massive gap in the suburbs, especially once you get outside of Newton.

Here, check this map: there is an entire region of Metro West from the outskirts of Watertown across 128, past Weston and Wayland into Sudbury and Concord, that is completely devoid of a single ‘bucks. It extends from the Newton Corner line completely to the other side of Waltham:

metrowest starbucks gap


What lesson can we learn from this? I actually am not completely sure. It’s just long been a gripe of mine any time I’m out that way (which is fairly often). Yes, there’s more than enough Dunkins to cover your coffee habits out that way, so let’s call it that.

Newton, We Love Drinks

Why We Need Hopsters – And Need it Downtown

A series of circumstances brought me and fellow editor Jarret out to Newton Corner over the weekend, and rather than just turn around, we decided to finally poke our head into Hopsters. If that pungent hop smell isn’t for you, this probably isn’t your spot – but if you like beer and the idea of being that close to the brewing process, there’s something there.

The 10 taps or so across the bar weren’t uncommon, and the menu had similarities to many other gastropub/cheese board establishments. Perhaps it was the bright lights from outside, the semi-suburban setting or just the live kettle and bottling action being undertaken by fellow patrons, but there is something different about Hopsters…and it’s time we get that a little closer into town.

The closest I can get to hands on interactivity at a bar in Boston is an overpriced stir fry at Fire n’ Ice, and while there are definitely bars with more in-depth beer lists, those come with a little more frills and/or plaid. I love many of those places, just as much, but at a certain point, I can retire most of them since they generally look the same and I’ve already picked a favorite. In my opinion, there’s really nothing like Hopsters for the beer drinking crowd in Boston, and that’s as refreshing as the first Kölsch of the summer.

Quickly Around Town, We Love Drinks

Yuengling is Shipping Up to Boston


Yes, you heard me correctly!!!

If you are not aware by now news released in December… I wasn’t…The fantassstic brew that is Yuengling (from America’s Oldest Brewery) will be hitting the stores of Boston in March of 2014! That is less than one month away!

Can’t wait for this little taste of home here in the chilly city of Boston!