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Photo of the Week: July 24, 2013

Boston Strong

That is one amazing sand castle.

It makes me realize I’ve got a helluva lot of sand sculpting skills to learn to do if I ever want to create anything more than a big mound with a “moat” or the ever-classic “Human covered in sand” – the people that create these sculptures are impressive.

Twenty-five artists created 15 pieces surrounding the Boston Strong tribute sculpture as part of the annual National Sand Sculpting Festival at Revere Beach this past weekend.

And the rainbow in this photo is just the icing on the cake of amazingness, very fitting given the sentiments of the sculpture.

Thanks to Lee Costa for posting this gem on our We Love Beantown Flickr page. It’s not crazy hot anymore, but we’re still in the thick of summer, so get thee to a beach and get your sand sculpt on!

We Love Music

Keys to the City: Boston Needs Your Piano

Do you own a piano, but it’s holding more dust than rhythm these days? Think you might donate it to an amazing cause? Now’s the time.

Play Me, I’m Yours is debuting in Boston in September, as we reported earlier this year. The concept, implemented in cities around the world in recent years, will install working pianos throughout the city and invite one and all to come play. The project, conceived by artist Luke Jerram, is requesting Bostonians donate their old pianos for the project. The goal is 75, so get those keys to the street.

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Quickly Around Town, We Love Music

Play Me, I’m Yours: Street Pianos to Boston

“Sweet Caroline,” anyone?

Street Pianos, the interactive public art project that places colorful, fully functional upright pianos in cities for public use, noted on their website this morning that Boston is a target city for a coming rollout.

Pianos are reportedly coming to Boston streets, parks and city squares in September 2013. A few other cities will see Play Me, I’m Yours pianos this year, including Monterey, Calif; Munich, Germany; and Cleveland, OH.

Don’t get it? Watch “Candy from Strangers” performed on London’s Street Pianos in 2009 by Boston ex-pat and former Jake Ivory’s dueling pianist Michael Ward-Bergeman.

Hat tip to reddit u/cydonia90.