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Photo of the Week: February 20, 2013

They say more snow is coming this weekend.

I say, bring on Red Sox spring training!

Tomorrow the Red Sox face off against Northeastern University’s and Boston College’s baseball teams, albeit with their relievers, down in Fort Myers, Florida.

While teammates Williams, Pesky, Doerr, and DiMaggio back in Boston may be getting a bit more than a dusting – sources are calling for “plowable” snow – think about that mid-80’s-and-sunny weather going on in Florida and the lucky ones of Red Sox Nation who are getting an early preview of this year’s team.

Bet you’re wishing you stowed away with the gear on Truck Day, huh?

Whether it’s more snow or past photos from games at “The Cathedral of Boston,” share them with us on We Love Beantown’s Flickr – we’ll help you dig out from this storm if you do!

(I’ve got some serious shovel envy after missing Nemo.)

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The Travesty Of The Baseball Writers Association Of America

Today, the Baseball Writers Association of America failed to elect a single new member to the Baseball Hall of Fame.

I am disgusted.

A glut of Hall of Fame worthy players were on the ballot for the first time this year. Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Curt Schilling, Mike Piazza, Craig Biggio. A few old timers that many figured would finally gain acceptance failed to make it as well, notably Dale Murphy and Jack Morris.

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