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Why We Need Hopsters – And Need it Downtown

A series of circumstances brought me and fellow editor Jarret out to Newton Corner over the weekend, and rather than just turn around, we decided to finally poke our head into Hopsters. If that pungent hop smell isn’t for you, this probably isn’t your spot – but if you like beer and the idea of being that close to the brewing process, there’s something there.

The 10 taps or so across the bar weren’t uncommon, and the menu had similarities to many other gastropub/cheese board establishments. Perhaps it was the bright lights from outside, the semi-suburban setting or just the live kettle and bottling action being undertaken by fellow patrons, but there is something different about Hopsters…and it’s time we get that a little closer into town.

The closest I can get to hands on interactivity at a bar in Boston is an overpriced stir fry at Fire n’ Ice, and while there are definitely bars with more in-depth beer lists, those come with a little more frills and/or plaid. I love many of those places, just as much, but at a certain point, I can retire most of them since they generally look the same and I’ve already picked a favorite. In my opinion, there’s really nothing like Hopsters for the beer drinking crowd in Boston, and that’s as refreshing as the first Kölsch of the summer.

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Yuengling is Shipping Up to Boston


Yes, you heard me correctly!!!

If you are not aware by now news released in December… I wasn’t…The fantassstic brew that is Yuengling (from America’s Oldest Brewery) will be hitting the stores of Boston in March of 2014! That is less than one month away!

Can’t wait for this little taste of home here in the chilly city of Boston!



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640 Reasons to Put Down that Bud Light

American Craft Beer Fest 2010

Stop drinking that mass-marketed, imported beer (especially if you’re at work right now); next time, make it a Duck-Rabbit Hoppy Bunny American Black Ale instead.

This weekend, 140 brewers will assemble at the Seaport World Trade Center to help broaden your beer horizons at the sixth annual American Craft Beer Fest, pouring out samples of Rumple Drumkin, Raging Bitch, and Crunkle Sam, just to name a few of the 640 brews on tap.

Four years ago I had the pleasure of attending the second annual festival; I was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, recently of-age, and thinking that “craft beer” was knocking back a Miller Lite while constructing a popsicle-stick birdhouse at your kitchen table (sadly, there is no festival dedicated to this … yet). Back then, there were merely 75 different breweries from around the country in attendance – and still the whole scene was almost too much to take in, simply breath-taking . . . one might even say intoxicating. With my two-ounce sampling thimble (okay, it’s slightly larger) I tasted a variety of beers, from now-favorites like Wachusett Blueberry and Allagash White to some brews I would never venture to try again (Hell or High Watermelon sticks out as a particularly hellish concoction; strangely enough, its brewer doesn’t seem to be on the list of this year’s attendees).

This Friday, I’m excited to make my triumphant return to the ACBF as I edge closer to becoming a beer connoisseur. Here’s a few lessons I learned last time that I’ll be keeping in mind: Continue reading

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Brighton Gets Classy

Get ready for a pampering, Brighton.

Brighton Gourmet and Cellar

Last Fall, when I moved to Oak Square in Brighton, a nasty, basically condemned, bookshop closed its doors.  The place sat empty for a month or so until this sign appeared above the door.

My roommate and fellow Beantown writer Dan and I were smitten in culinary love.

Continue reading

Photo of the Week, We Love Beantown

Photo of the Week: May 15, 2013

Boston Marathon 2013

Where we were a month ago.

Literally – this photo was shot by We Love Beantown’s own Alex Dupnik.

And we were cheering on Beacon and Boylston streets, frolicking in the sun with our dogs, toasting friends in bars, watching the Red Sox at Fenway – and then.

Today, let’s look at and reflect on how things have changed, and, more importantly, how they haven’t.

Where we are now: Eating and shopping on Boylston street, running and frolicking in the sun, toasting friends in bars, watching the Sox and Bruins – and more.

Better yet, post your Boston Strong badassery on our Flickr page. Because this city rocks.