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Crawling Through the Decades: A Unique Literary Boston Pub Crawl

Join the Union Park Press, Bully Boy Distilleries, and Brookline Booksmith for a unique book signing experience at the Regal Beagle.

When the Volstead act went into effect on January 16th, 1920 it regulated the distribution and sale of alcohol.  Boston’s rich night life was predicted to be extinguished, yet Prohibition provided an outlet for speakeasy and underground saloons.

Crawl through Boston’s boisterous boozing history with author Stephanie Schorow.  She captured Boston’s bar scene from colonial-era taverns to today’s craft cocktail bars in her book “Drinking Boston”.

Schorow will discuss her book and sign copies at the Regal Beagle at 7 pm on Sunday, January 20th.  Bawdy Boston  at the Beagle,  is co-hosted by Brookline Booksmith along with “Drinking Boston” publisher, Union Park Press, and Boston-based Bully Boys.

A complimentary signed copy of Drinking Boston is included with each ticket ($35 in advance/$40 at the door), along with 2 drinks and passed prohibition inspired apps.

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