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Song of the Day: “Waking Season”

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This post may be going up the morning that kicks off Memorial Day Weekend, but you need some atmosphere. You need memories of the night before, or the night to come. How the wind on Congress Street feels coming off the Harbor, and the last hints of the sun disappear behind the new convention center and construction cranes.

Caspian, one of two local bands playing at this weekend’s Boston Calling (the other is Bad Rabbits) produces the type of music for the Boston summer twilight. It’s dark and heavy- you can hear Tool’s influence and some of Radiohead’s more abstract work, specifically that of Jonny Greenwood. I considered name dropping Brian Eno here as well, but I’m not that cool.

If you’re attending Boston Calling, Caspian kicks off the Sunday performances at 1:30 pm, though you’ll want to revisit their title track of the new album “Waking Season” later that night in a rocked out haze.

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Song of the Day: “Heretics”


Continuing our theme of highlighting artists at this weekend’s Boston Calling, it’s time to check out some Andrew Bird. Get yer’ violin out and prepare for some well-schooled, well-crafted songwriting. Andrew Bird has many imitators in the Club Passims, All Asias, and university coffee shops of the city. You know the type: the kid who took suzuki piano and violin bought a looping pedal the weekend before moving to Boston. They build a progression of droning tones while humming in near-harmony with themselves. Then you walk out of the coffee shop, or start playing on your phone and question your direction in music, the universe, and everything.

Hear it done right with Andrew Bird. “Thank god it’s fatal, thank god.”

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Thanks to Andrew Bisdale for the photo.

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Song of the Day: “King And Lionheart”

Iceland comes to Boston, not for the first time, but for a milestone. We here at We Love Beantown are fans of Boston Calling- you may have read our interview with Brian Appel, co-founder of Crash Line Productions and producer of this weekend’s Boston Calling festival. Or yesterday’s review of Trouble Will Find Me, the new album from festival headliner The National.

We show a little love to Iceland’s Of Monsters and Men, who I saw a few years ago at Iceland Airwaves in 2011, another fantastic multiday urban music festival (and a mere five and a half hours from Government Center).

Enjoy the male-female vocals. The acoustic guitars and the atmospherics. The rousing “hey!”‘s. I saw this band in a pub in downtown Reykjavik and, for the first time in years, I said spontaneously, “I love it.”

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Boston Calling Headliner: The National Rock Letterman and Release Album

In celebration of their new album release yesterday, Trouble Will Find Me, The National headed to David Letterman show to perform the new track, Don’t Swallow the Cap.

A highly anticipated new album, after having a bevy of success with their prior release, High Violet, this kicks off a 52 show world tour, with stops in North America and Europe. But us Boston folk don’t have to wait long, as they will be headlining Sunday evening at the inaugural Boston Calling Music Festival at City Hall Plaza.

Tickets are sold out, but check our favorite local music app Timbre for tickets on SeatGeek and for an impromptu preview of all the acts playing this upcoming weekend.

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BOSTON CALLING Tickets on Sale Now

Remember that sweet concert announced last week?

The one at City Hall Plaza with every indie precious darling you’ve ever sang along to on Spotify?

Well, a lot of people are pumped and, unsurprisingly, early-sale tickets sold out for BOSTON CALLING, which features fun., Andrew Bird, The Shins. However: regular tickets are on sale now. Go get’em, kids.