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Boston Marathon: Take 2 for 5,633

Gathering at the Makeshift Memorial

Starting this morning at 10:00, the 5,633 runners who were never able to finish the 2013 Boston Marathon can now register for the 2014 race before anyone else. While they were given the chance to cross the famous finish line at the inspiring One Run, they now can get a second chance to run the entire 26.2 course and finish as they were meant to do on April 15th. Given the massive international interest in the Boston Marathon, having the chance to register early is, and has always been, a coveted position to be in.

There has been rumors that the Boston Marathon field size will increase by 9,000 next year, but nothing has been officially announced. Run on, Boston, run on.


Photo of the Week

Photo of the Week: July 24, 2013

Boston Strong

That is one amazing sand castle.

It makes me realize I’ve got a helluva lot of sand sculpting skills to learn to do if I ever want to create anything more than a big mound with a “moat” or the ever-classic “Human covered in sand” – the people that create these sculptures are impressive.

Twenty-five artists created 15 pieces surrounding the Boston Strong tribute sculpture as part of the annual National Sand Sculpting Festival at Revere Beach this past weekend.

And the rainbow in this photo is just the icing on the cake of amazingness, very fitting given the sentiments of the sculpture.

Thanks to Lee Costa for posting this gem on our We Love Beantown Flickr page. It’s not crazy hot anymore, but we’re still in the thick of summer, so get thee to a beach and get your sand sculpt on!

Photo of the Week, We Love Beantown

Photo of the Week: May 15, 2013

Boston Marathon 2013

Where we were a month ago.

Literally – this photo was shot by We Love Beantown’s own Alex Dupnik.

And we were cheering on Beacon and Boylston streets, frolicking in the sun with our dogs, toasting friends in bars, watching the Red Sox at Fenway – and then.

Today, let’s look at and reflect on how things have changed, and, more importantly, how they haven’t.

Where we are now: Eating and shopping on Boylston street, running and frolicking in the sun, toasting friends in bars, watching the Sox and Bruins – and more.

Better yet, post your Boston Strong badassery on our Flickr page. Because this city rocks.

Quickly Around Town

Wentworth Strong

What happens when Architecture students and charity collide?

You get a wicked cool T-Shirt design for an awesome cause… although might say I am a slighty biased because two of my students were members of the team who designed this sweet logo…I’ll let you be the judge…


I could not be prouder of these Wentworth students, who told News @ WIT, they set a goal of selling 40 shirts to result in a $260 donation to the OneFund.

They blew that goal out of the park… not by 100 shirts, not by 200, but as of this post, 3489 shirts!!

The money raised, from their awesome shirts, thus far totals over $20,000 going directly into the hands of the people directly affected by the April 15th tragedy.

ONLY ONE MORE DAY to get your shirt here and help double their dontation!!!

The five students behind the project are Dan Sussman, BMET ’16, Zach Cariveau, BMET ’16, Patrick Christan, BSA ’16, Jon Silva, BSA ’16, and Austin Speer, BMET ’16.

Quickly Around Town

Band Together Boston

From 6:00-9:00, tonight and tomorrow, head to one of WeLoveBeantown’s favorite Dives We-Hate-to-Love, Hong Kong, for some fantastic karaoke and Boston Love.bostonstrong

Hong Kong’s resident Karaoke King will be selling BostonStrong and #BelieveInBoston bracelets for only $3.  All proceeds from the bracelet sales will be donated to the OneFund!

Remember we are all One Boston, and this is just another way to support those affected by the tragic events of the marathon bombings.

If you can’t make it to Hong Kong tonight, here are ways you can donate directly to the OneFund:

To donate via paypal:

To send a check by mail: One Fund Boston, Inc. 800 Boylston Street #990009 Boston, MA 02199

To donate via text (AT&T customers): Text BOSTON to 80108 to give $10. The donation will be charged on your monthly AT&T bill.

Boston Strong.