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Photo of the Week: July 24, 2013

Boston Strong

That is one amazing sand castle.

It makes me realize I’ve got a helluva lot of sand sculpting skills to learn to do if I ever want to create anything more than a big mound with a “moat” or the ever-classic “Human covered in sand” – the people that create these sculptures are impressive.

Twenty-five artists created 15 pieces surrounding the Boston Strong tribute sculpture as part of the annual National Sand Sculpting Festival at Revere Beach this past weekend.

And the rainbow in this photo is just the icing on the cake of amazingness, very fitting given the sentiments of the sculpture.

Thanks to Lee Costa for posting this gem on our We Love Beantown Flickr page. It’s not crazy hot anymore, but we’re still in the thick of summer, so get thee to a beach and get your sand sculpt on!

We Love Music

Song of the Day: “Rock & Roll Band”

To Boston With Love

Last night I attended the Boston Strong – One Fund Concert. It was my first time attending a big time, multi-headliner show and, needless to say, it was impressive. Perhaps it was an embarrassment of riches when you think to yourself, midway through a bill, “Perhaps Boston, Jason Aldean, New Kids, Bel Biv DeVoe and Boyz II Men were enough. Maybe I don’t need Jimmy Buffett.”

But I do, and you know what? Dane Cook had the second best line of the night (next to Steven Wright) calling out the passive aggression of the pending ellipses in iPhone text message conversations.

Today’s song of the day thanks all the rock & roll bands and producers that staged last night’s fundraiser, and honors those affected by the marathon bombing, some people are also thinking of starting a crowdfunding campaign in order to help out much more. The band Boston opened the show with this song and never looked back. One of my friends worked sound for this concert and told me afterwards it was an honor just to be there. “We were just another band out of Boston on the road tryin’ to make ends meet…”

A few tweets from the moment sum up the feelings and have some great photos:

Photo: One fund Boston Concert! It was awesome
Flipit4u Marketing

Emotions are so high backstage right now… Joy. Tears. Pride. Humility. Amazement. Gratitude. #BostonStrong #OneFund #Concert4Boston
Donnie Wahlberg

Nothing like #Aerosmith to close out #concert4boston. Singing “Dream On” now.
Abbey Niezgoda

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We Love Music

Song of the Day: “Mama Kin”


“We’re not worthy.”

This Thursday’s Boston Strong concert, benefiting One Fund, has no shortage of talent. The Globe‘s James Reed posted a great piece earlier this week on how the concert came together, and, when you stop and think, it’s an amazing operational feat to produce such a thing, the worthy cause not withstanding.

Among the many stars taking the stage are Boston natives Aerosmith and, while I doubt they’ll play “Mama Kin” Thursday, today’s song of the day honors the deep cuts of this great band and we can leave “Sweet Emotion” for the compilations. Or read last week’s report of Steven Tyler remarking Singapore women are “delicious” and…well. Even if tongue-in-cheek, what did you expect?

Crank it in the car, feel good to be alive, and wake up with a very young-sounding Steven Tyler.

Bostonian Habits, Greater Boston

Donate to the Red Cross

Something very cool happened yesterday.

Red Cross blood drive

I gave tried to give blood with one of my coworkers in Andover, and it was so busy that they had to turn away walk-in donations.

I think it is awesome that the Boston-Strong-Pride has extended to Greater Boston and people are not forgetting to continuously do their part. As Dan noted before: thanks to the overwhelming response in the last [days], the Red Cross reports that their current supplies here in Boston are sufficient, but have also noted that “donations historically drop as the summer months approach, so now would be a great time to schedule a donation to help ensure there is enough blood available this summer.”

So here is my story…

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