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Sunday Brunch, Mother’s Day Style

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Breaking news: Sunday is Mother’s Day.

Put away the Elmer’s glue – a popsicle-stick picture frame is, sadly, no longer an acceptable gift for Mom (unless you’re in elementary school, and if you are, we are marketing this blog poorly).

This year, forgo the arts ‘n crafts and the cliché bouquet of flowers and treat your mother to a stack of pancakes with a side of prime rib. If she’s human, she loves brunch (if she’s not human, we are definitely marketing this blog incorrectly). Thrillist Boston has come up with a list of the 5 Perfect Boston Mother’s Day Brunches – it’s so useful that they actually included six options (I was never great at math either). My personal choice would be The Beehive in the South End, because who doesn’t love jazz, and more importantly, who could resist a dish called poached eggs Shakshuka?

Word to your mothers. Happy Mother’s Day!

Shout-out to Alex for passing along this article just as I was sitting down to write a post. How serendipitous. 

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