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A Change of Pace on the Cape

pain davignon outside

There are different ways of saying it, but whether you call it “Cape Time” or “Cape Pace”, one of the joys of surviving the traffic across the Bourne Bridge is that life moves a little slower than the city bustle once you reach the other side.

In a way, that’s the point. You escape with the idea of getting away from your cars, closed-toed shoes and other city ways of life. It’s the fact that you can wear shorts and go from beach to a patio somewhere for fried food and a beer with no worries. If you’re the type of person who goes crazy of a week of being too casual, that pace of life isn’t perfect – although, it’s still really quite good.

The fact is you don’t hear about the side of the Cape that caters beyond the flip flop crowd very often. It’s there, though, and after a trip to see some of that side of Cape Cod, maybe it’s worth packing that Saturday night best alongside a bathing suit for the next trip.

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