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88.9 WERS: The Importance of the Alternative to Everything Else

When it comes to music, I’m easy.

I came to terms with that idea a long time ago. Give me a great guitar lead, I’m hooked; a nasty horn section, I’m toe-tapping; some three part harmonies, and I’m financially invested – 99 cents or $1.29 a pop – on iTunes. I live for finding new music and sharing it with my family and my friends one mix CD at a time. Call me old fashioned, but c’mon. What’s better than receiving 17 sweet tracks via USPS that you can undress with your ears in the privacy of your own home? Not much, in my opinion.

All that being said, I’ve become increasingly and regretfully aware of the slow and steady disappearance of unique radio stations on the airwaves. I’d have to be trying hard not to notice.

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