Things to Do, We Love Weekends

We Love Weekends – January 11 – 13

Enough with the flu. It’s going to be springlike this weekend– that is to say, rainy and 50°– so let’s make the most of it. Shake off the post-New Year’s hangover, take some Dayquil, and get on the town with the help of our authors tips for this weekend’s events.

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We Love Music

Boston’s Problem with Country Music

People love country music.

It’s just if you look around Boston for it, it’d be nearly impossible to believe.

Last night, probably one of the biggest new acts in all of country right now – Zac Brown Band – played down in Mansfield at I-Still-Call-It-Great-Woods. In recent summers, they were touring ball parks around the East Coast with Dave Matthews Band, but they skipped Fenway. Still not really finding a place in the city, ZBB was banished to nearly Rhode Island as it hit the road to support their new album that came out last month.

Bruce Springsteen isn’t even the most popular hit on Spotify for music that includes his own name. That honor goes to rising country star Eric Church and his eponymous song about the Boss. But in Boston, you’d probably never know it based on your live opportunities to see the two performers: Church’s headlining tour played on a cold March night up in Lowell; Springsteen got two perfect Summer nights under the Green Monster in Fenway.

It’s like there’s some sort of anti-country Death Star hovering over 128, preventing country from breaking into the city. Boston is the last frontier free of country music, cowboy hats strewn along the roadside outside the Weston tolls. Abandon all twang ye who shall enter here.

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