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That Time I Joined the Circus Via Living Social

Trapeze artists 003 - Royal Hanneford Circus - Westchester NY - 2013-02-16

So I may have promised back in October, that I would stop buying Living Social-Groupon-Boston Daily Deals… I quit cold turkey… but… I need to come clean…

I broke down and bought one since then. Just one tiny little deal…

I didn’t buy a Living Social for a restaurant, or a Groupon for a get-a-way to Cambridge… no… I bought a deal for something extremely practical and sensible.

I bought a Living Social deal to become a circus performer.

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My Expired Daily Deals and What Could Have Been

Hi my name is Alex… and I like a deal.

I buy quality on sale; scrounge through the mess that is TJMaxx and Marshalls, so I can pick up buried gems such as a sweet Marc Jacobs bracelet, or a Michael Kors purse. If you know me you know I like nice things, but at a normal person budget.

You may say, well that’s not bad Alex. You are after a deal, a steal, a spiked heel (sorry couldn’t help myself). The problem comes when I mesh my love of Boston with my shopaholic tendencies. The result is not a closet full of Lobster stuffed animals and Red Sox shirts, but here…mostly online…I binge…on shopping for a “yummy” deal.

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