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Get your Sushi at the new…Mega-Walgreens?

Downtown Crossing, always seeming to be in need of revitalization, is gaining a new storefront.

Make way for the newly-dubbed ‘Gourmet Walgreens,’ a 25,000 square foot flagship store currently under construction located in the abandoned Border’s, that will feature alcohol, sushi and a high-end beauty boutique.

This sounds like no average corner drugstore. The store’s whole concept is upscale and modern. Guests will be invited to linger outside with the introduction of outdoor tables. Inside, you can grab shopping sustenance at the juice and smoothie bar or the café to tide you over. A pharmacist will be on hand to help you with your purchase, though you’ll be able to fill prescriptions, see wait times, and pay via an in-store kiosk. If you’d like to purchase alcohol, a touch-screen can help you make the right selections for a party of 10.

Once upon a time, the building was a bank, a nod to which can be seen in the pharmacy and beauty section, to be housed in an early 1900s style bank. This section will also hold a Look Boutique, featuring premium beauty products, above and beyond the usual likes of Maybelline’s, Cover Girl and L’Oreal.

I have mixed feelings about all of this. I’m always excited to see a Walgreens, my preferred pharmacy in St. Louis (as CVS has a very small foothold in the area), but I can’t imagine honestly eating at a Walgreens café? Despite their commitment to showcasing local food vendors, a concept I appreciate, I think perhaps I’d want to go to a locally-owned food vendor for my fill. Am I crazy? Will this become your go-to stop for lunch sushi?

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Potbelly in Boston: Struggling With Missing Food From Home

After living in Boston for almost three years, I’ve noticed that Boston has a high transient population. It’s comforting to know I’m not alone when I feel like a stranger in a strange land. Yet, like most people not from the city they currently live in, I still get homesick for food from my hometown. If you’re not from Boston and you are from, say the north central region of the US, you might notice that…

OH. MY. GOD. You guys! Hey, hey, everyone! POTBELLY IS HERE! Boston is complete. Milkshakes that have butter cookies ON THE STRAW. Did you get that? ON. THE. STRAW. Continue reading