Back Bay, Quickly Around Town

Signs of Spring: Duck Tours Rolling in Back Bay

Now spring is really here: Duck Tours have started prowling the Back Bay.

On the heels of last week’s Hubway spotting, a Boston Duck Tours duck was spotted turning from Arlington St. onto St. James Ave. in the Back Bay. The duck, allegedly Kenmore Karla, had one passenger and appeared to be on a test run.

All natives prep for tourist season  spring.

In January, the Globe’s Yvonne Abraham called for an official Massachusetts seasonal animal oracle to counter Punxsutawny Phil, Buckeye Chuck and others. After today, we place a vote for Dorchester Duck.

Beacon Hill, Downtown, Transportation and the T

Animated Longfellow Bridge Reconstruction Makes 3 Years of Delays Worth It

The video runs 7:34; imagine how quickly that’ll pass in real life.

Last week we reported the Mass. DOT approved a major rehabilitation of the century-old Longfellow Bridge. Monday, YouMoveMass, the DOT’s youtube channel, posted a nifty video showing the bridge project’s plan step-by-step. This, paired with the pending release of the new SimCity, should get urban planners’ hearts beating.

The animation shows the bridge’s distinctive masonry towers will be removed early in the project. The warning is hereby sent to ConDucktors everywhere to modify the Duck Tours script that normally points out the “Salt & Pepper” bridge upon entering the Charles River. Perhaps an in-depth description of budgetary approvals and bridge superstructures will suffice.