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Macklemore Brings Message of Equal Rights to the Heights

Gasson Hall at Boston College

It’s no secret that hip-hop artist Macklemore is an ally of the LGBTQ community; he supports the efforts of the You Can Play project, he has a gay uncle, and – oh yeah – there’s this catchy song on his latest album co-written with singer Mary Lambert called “Same Love,” which decries homophobia and advocates for equal treatment for all.

Last Thursday, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis gave a concert at my alma mater (yes, this happened, but you might not have heard about it – BC wanted concert organizers and the student body to keep the free, outdoor performance under wraps [unlike other things]). When I heard he’d be performing, I wondered – would he speak out for gay rights on the campus of a Catholic university? Would he sing the song? Continue reading

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OUT and About – DOMA’s Effects on Boston’s Same-Sex Couples

Equality BostonYou’ve seen them on your Facebook newsfeed and all over the web this past week – those little red squares with the pink equal signs, accompanied by tweets and status updates in support of equal marriage rights for all.

In this week’s OUT and About, learn why half your Facebook friends have changed their profile pictures, and more importantly how the Supreme Court’s ruling on the Defense of Marriage Act will affect all pre-existing and future same-sex marriages in Massachusetts.

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