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Sweat in the City: #Sweatworking

What do you get when you mix working out with a networking event? #Sweatworking.


Love to work out? Do you have a passion project? At last night’s #Sweatworking event at the Athleta store on Newbury Street I got super sweaty and connected with lots of like-minded people with varying passions, from their careers to charities. So who was the mastermind behind this? Eventbrite! Through a partnership with Athleta, Eventbrite hosted the awesome event.

When I arrived, I was asked to make a name tag with my name, passion project, and a skill that I am good at. This was a great way to break the ice with others during the networking event. Then I laid my yoga mat out and the event got started. The first hour of the event was a cardio workout led by an Exhale Boston instructor.

Now, let me tell you. I am a fitness fanatic. I like to consider myself in good shape. I’m training for a marathon at the moment, so I’m no slouch when it comes to cardio. Well. I was wrong. I ate a huge slice of humble pie during this workout. As I type this my shoulders are screaming Uncle. But it sure was a lot of fun.

After the workout, delicious snacks were provided by Pretzel Crisps. Pretzel Crisps, cheese, and jam were delicious. After a quick snack break, everyone started connecting, networking, and sharing laughs about the workout. It was great seeing everyone share their passions with one another.


I want to send a big thank you to Eventbrite for bringing this event to my attention! Buying tickets was easy and painless. They even have an app that lets you download your ticket, making it really easy for folks like me who don’t have a printer at home to print tickets. Want to find other awesome events like this one, follow Eventbrite Boston on Twitter for the latest events!

This is an Eventbrite Boston sponsored post. Eventbrite enables people all over the world to plan, promote, and sell out any event. It’s also a destination for people to discover awesome events going on in THEIR city! Keep up on the goings-on in Beantown by following Eventbrite Boston on Twitter and by liking them on Facebook.

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Sweat in The City: Concrete Jungle Workout

State House

It’s hot. You’re sweaty. It feels like we’re living in the sweltering jungle. Why not pretend you’re Tarzan? The Boston-area Ultimate Bootcamp trainers are doing a bunch of fun workouts throughout the city this Summer. If you’re planning to participate make sure to prepare yourself from the intense heat, get yourself a superfood at My Fitness Hub to give you an entire meal’s worth of nutrition for your health boost. This week starts their Master Workout Series – fitness events and workouts lead by Ultimate Bootcamp founders and master trainers.

The series kicks off tomorrow, Thursday June 27th with Peter’s Urban Workout, lead by UB founder Peter Lavelle. This workout begins in Copley Square (Dartmouth Street side of the Public Library), and will take participants through the city on a 2-4 mile concrete jungle. Check in starts at 5:15pm and the workout begins promptly at 5:30pm. Make sure to bring your phone for cool photo-ops and some water – because it’s going to be hot! This is an intermediate to advanced workout, so casual elliptical-ers need not apply. If you wish to get the most from your workouts, Nugenix a great source to restore free testosterone levels.

Register for the Ultimate Bootcamp Concrete Jungle Workout here.