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Sweat in the City: #Sweatworking

What do you get when you mix working out with a networking event? #Sweatworking.


Love to work out? Do you have a passion project? At last night’s #Sweatworking event at the Athleta store on Newbury Street I got super sweaty and connected with lots of like-minded people with varying passions, from their careers to charities. So who was the mastermind behind this? Eventbrite! Through a partnership with Athleta, Eventbrite hosted the awesome event.

When I arrived, I was asked to make a name tag with my name, passion project, and a skill that I am good at. This was a great way to break the ice with others during the networking event. Then I laid my yoga mat out and the event got started. The first hour of the event was a cardio workout led by an Exhale Boston instructor.

Now, let me tell you. I am a fitness fanatic. I like to consider myself in good shape. I’m training for a marathon at the moment, so I’m no slouch when it comes to cardio. Well. I was wrong. I ate a huge slice of humble pie during this workout. As I type this my shoulders are screaming Uncle. But it sure was a lot of fun.

After the workout, delicious snacks were provided by Pretzel Crisps. Pretzel Crisps, cheese, and jam were delicious. After a quick snack break, everyone started connecting, networking, and sharing laughs about the workout. It was great seeing everyone share their passions with one another.


I want to send a big thank you to Eventbrite for bringing this event to my attention! Buying tickets was easy and painless. They even have an app that lets you download your ticket, making it really easy for folks like me who don’t have a printer at home to print tickets. Want to find other awesome events like this one, follow Eventbrite Boston on Twitter for the latest events!

This is an Eventbrite Boston sponsored post. Eventbrite enables people all over the world to plan, promote, and sell out any event. It’s also a destination for people to discover awesome events going on in THEIR city! Keep up on the goings-on in Beantown by following Eventbrite Boston on Twitter and by liking them on Facebook.

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Sweat in The City: Lululemon Bootcamp

Hatch Shell 15

When one thinks of Lululemon, visions of stretchy yoga pants and uncomfortably flexible bodies dance in our heads. Hardcore bootcamp-style workouts and yogi zen don’t really go hand in hand. But the Prudential Center Lululemon store is changing that. Every Tuesday at 6:30pm, they are hosting a FREE 45 minute bootcamp class on the Esplanade at the Hatchshell. Every week, fitness instructor Naomi will lead you through 45 minutes of sweaty goodness – no yoga pants required. I definitely plan on checking this class out. It’s a new offering and I have a feeling it’s going to get popular and crowded fast! Naomi is also a Boston-area fitness blogger, personal trainer, and fitness competitor – so you know you’ll be getting a good workout. Want more info? Head to Lululemon Prudential Center’s Facebook page.

Sweat in The City gives you weekly info on the latest races, fitness classes, and all things sweaty events going on in Boston. Have a tip – contact me!

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Beating Myself Up, I Mean, CrossFit, for Free

I have kicked up my usual gym workouts to 5-6 day-a-week intense-sessions for the past 3 weeks. Yes, I am trying my first ever New Year’s resolution, and so far I am sticking with it. I always thought New Year fitness resolutions were a waste of time, only to end with a mouth full of chocolate. I have stopped eating out for lunch and made a commitment to the gym due to my new love of kickboxing. My friends have also been working hard, doing yoga, pilates, running, and Zumba-ing. Although we have adapted new dietary lifestyles and fitness training regiments, we were in search of something to spice up our daily workouts.

Hello CrossFit…

The idea of CrossFit didn’t terrify me…until I saw this YouTube video.

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He Loves Boston: Q&A with November Project’s Brogan Graham


A few weeks ago, I started working out with November Project, a grassroots fitness tribe that meets three mornings a week in various locations around the city to motivate one another, have fun, and get fit – for free! I’m still shocked I’m able to drag myself out of bed before dawn, but I have to say, it’s pretty awesome. Come out and give it a shot!

I caught up with Brogan Graham, one of November Project’s very cool co-founders (both of which are fellow Huskies – Go NU!) to find out more about November Project and why he loves Boston. Continue reading

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Are You Fit for Office?

Boston Sports Club Fit for Office

Politics can get people pretty fired up – especially in an election year.

Heart rates spike, you’re breathing hard, beads of sweat form on your face. It’s a workout.

Literally. For the next six weeks, starting today, until the nation decides between Barack Obama or Mitt Romney, Boston Sports Clubs (BSC) is offering election-themed workouts on Thursdays at 12 p.m. in their Government Center location. (Non-Boston Sports Clubs members don’t fret, check out day passes at BSC to take “Fit for Office!”)

If you’re looking for something new in your fitness routine – and you should, changing up your workout helps push your body past plateaus, challenging it in new ways – nonpartisan “Fit for Office” offers a full body smear campaign. In the 55-minute circuit class you can do:

Boston Sports Club, Fit for Office

  • Paul Ryan Abs: Left to right oblique twists.
  • Michelle ObamaArms: Pushups.
  • Balance the Budget: One-legged squats on a Bosu ball.
  • Swing States: Kettle bell swings.
  • Get on your soapbox: Box jumps

“Voter TKO” features various boxing combinations with their mask-wearing trainer of their choice – “Obama” or “Romney.” Partner activities like “Pass the Buck,” involve passing a medicine ball back and forth, and “Crossing Party Lines,” is where, facing your partner, you do a pushup, extend one arm and slap the hand of your partner’s extended arm.

To cool it all off at the end and improve flexibility, you can join in on one of politicians’ favorite pastimes: “Stretching the Truth.”