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Buffalo Athletes Host Solidarity Run

Buffalo Solidarity Run

From signs and cards, to television testimonials, to readers’ posts on social media, there has been tremendous support this week from the rest of the country for Boston and Bostonians.

I’m glad to recognize the denizens of Buffalo for that support. That city, my hometown, is known as the City of Good Neighbors, and Buffalo’s goodwill does not end with joining last night’s hockey crowd to sing the National Anthem. Buffalo runners Julia Burke and Beth Weinberg are leading the Boston Marathon Solidarity Run on Sunday in Buffalo’s Delaware Park.

Writing for Buffalo’s The Good Neighborhood, Burke said, “Runners are a compassionate bunch, and the Boston bombings shook our entire community to the core. When we’re feeling angry, or sad, or frustrated, or hurt, we all do the same thing: we run––ideally, together…We have a real opportunity to raise money for the bombing victims and the recovery effort, encourage folks to donate blood, and show Boston and the world how much we care. I’ve never been more proud to be a runner, and I can’t wait to see what we can accomplish together on Sunday.”

Donations are accepted on behalf of the Red Cross. You and Who, a Buffalo apparel company, is printing commemorative shirts with all profits donated to The One Fund.

In November, Hurricane Sandy prevented Burke, a journalist at Buffalo Spree, a regional magazine, from running the New York City marathon. Instead, she ran a marathon in Delaware Park and was joined by over 800 supporters, Beth Weinberg among them. She raised $5000 for hurricane relief efforts.

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TUGG Fundraiser Donations Matched by Venture Firms


You may have heard of TUGG, Technology Underwriting Greater Good, through their South End wine events or their annual Tech Gives Back day of service. TUGG is again helping the greater good of Boston following Monday’s bombing. TUGG has organized a fundraiser in which 100% of the proceeds will benefit victims of the attacks. The destination of raised funds is unclear at the moment, but TUGG has a long record of good repute.

In particular, Boston area-based Dan Primack and Katie Benner of the Term Sheet newsletter and Fortune Magazine have channeled donations from the financial community to great affect over the last 24 hours. Data Collective, Bulger Partners, and now Flybridge Capital Partners, whose offices are located on a closed portion of Boylston Street, are matching donations above $50 up to a total of $5000. Donate with the firms’ match through the Term Sheet.